Key Challenges Facing Manufacturing CEOs Series

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Improving Employee Engagement and Alignment and you will receive six proven
tactics manufacturing CEOs are using to overcome this challenge. 

Learn how manufacturing CEOs are:

  • Creating a social purpose for their companies
  • Communicating goals using multiple formats
  • Modeling and reinforcing their companies' values
  • Creating explicit short term and annual goals 
    for each employee
  • Creating KPIs and scorecards to provide 
    frequent feedback 

CEOs need high productivity from their workers to attain growth and investment 
goals. That means that companies need to keep employees engaged, ensure that they understand its mission and are clear about their unique roles in achieving
that mission. They must also keep employees aligned and working toward
meeting specific company goals.

But doing so is becoming more complicated as the workplace and workforce change.

Through CEN member meetings as well as a proprietary research survey, we learned the top issues manufacturing CEOs are facing and how they are overcoming these challenges. This report plus the others in the series are designed to help manufacturing CEOs combat these issues and stay ahead.

Other reports in this series include:

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6 Strategies For Improving Employee Engagement and Alignment

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