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More and more CEOs are looking for their CFOs to become more strategic.  While these CFOs need to still oversee the nuts and bolts of the accounting department and the creation of timely and accurate financial reports, they also are being asked to make sense of the metrics of the business and to help create and execute the strategic plan

For tactical CFOs heretofore focused solely on maintaining a shipshape back office, the opportunity to become a strategic CFO at the front of the organization is appealing. Certainly CEOs want more from their CFOs.
You, too, can become a strategic CFO. The journey is well worth the rigors of the travel.

The Strategic CFO: 6 Steps to Becoming a Trusted Advisor to the CEO will identify the 6 imperatives --with specific action items-- to help position you as a trusted senior advisor. 

In working with hundreds of CFOs and studying best practices at top-performing organizations, Senior Executive Network (SEN) has identified the six imperatives found in this whitepaper to help CFOs achieve growth in their careers and add additional value to their CEOs and companies. 

SEN is a peer network organization designed for senior level executives to gain insight and best practices by meeting with other senior executives who are in the same industry and have similar roles. For more information on SEN and its CFO network, click here.