Guide to CEO Peer Networks 2019

Insight into how more CEOs are leveraging peer networks to improve their company's growth and profitability

The guide will answer many questions including:

The value of peer networks for CEO's

How important are industry specific networks

The key differences between the leading peer networks

The tradeoffs between national and local networks

The pros and cons of groups based on company size

The cost of the leading networks

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Peer networks for CEOs have been around for decades but are  becoming increasingly popular.  They vary widely, so CEOs are advised to understand the pros and cons of each organization.

The five largest networks, including Young Presidents Organization (YPO), The Chief Executive Network (CEN), Vistage, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), and G100, each facilitates meetings between CEOs, but often serve different-sized organizations and industries.  While some meetings are member-run, others employ coaches and still others professional facilitators. Some meet monthly, while others meet twice yearly.  

Learn why CEOs of various company sizes, stages and industries are turning to these and other peer networks, and just as importantly, learn what the key differences are between them to help you determine which may best serve your needs.

The Guide to CEO Peer Networks 2019 provides a framework for CEOs to quickly evaluate the leading groups and answers the following questions:  

1) What value do peer networks deliver to members?  
There is empirical evidence that companies whose CEOs belong to a peer network outperform their industry averages in terms of revenue growth and profitability.  Learn how each network promotes the sharing of ideas, best practices and advice among its members.  

2) What are the key differences between the leading peer networks?
•Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
•Chief Executive Network (CEN)  
•Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

3) Questions to consider when considering joining a peer network including:  
•How important is it to have a peer network comprised of other members who are in your same industry?  
•What are the tradeoffs between local vs. regional or national meetings?  
•How important are professional meeting facilitators vs. member run meetings?  
•What are the pros and cons of meeting with other CEOs in your size range /company stage vs. with companies much larger and smaller?

4) How much do the various networks charge for membership, what are the different time commitments and more?  
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