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The U.S. Labor Department estimates that 70% of employees leave their jobs due to lack of career development. 

Do you find that your best employees are leaving because they believe you are not investing in their development? Do you understand the implication to your organization's success?

In this webinar, two of the world's most widely recognized experts on workforce development - Lee Benson and Jack Welch - will discuss why capable leadership is important, how to define capable leadership in your organization and ways to empower your employees to grow professionally, with clear expectations and a defined developed path. 

This webinar will discuss:

- Trends in today's workplace and statistics on employee engagement

- Why most leadership development programs fail

- Tips for developing a successful management operating system

- Defining capable leadership and implementing it in your organization

- How to develop leaders that get results faster


What is "Capable Leadership?" 

Why Does it Matter to Your Revenue?


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Jack Welch

Former Chairman and CEO, General Electric Company

Jack Welch is the former Chairman and CEO of General Electric. After retiring from GE in 2001, Welch has remained active in the business community. He has written three best-selling business books, Jack: Straight from the Gut, Winning and The Real-Life MBA. He actively participates in managing numerous companies as part of a private equity group, and regularly contributes to media as a popular business commentator.

Dan Bigman


Chief Content Officer, Chief Executive Group

Lee Benson

Founder and CEO, Execute to Win

Lee is the Founder and CEO of Execute to Win, whose sole mission is to help organizations improve alignment to get better results. Lee Benson’s powerful yet practical proven approach to aligning leadership, culture and strategy
has been adopted by thousands of managers and employees in organizations around the world. 

Lee started his leadership journey as the first employee in a small electroplating services company. After the company lost all of its business overnight, he purchased the entity.  With only two employees and a clear vision, he grew the new company, Able Aerospace, to 500 employees and 2,000 customers in 60 countries.  Able Aerospace was renown in the industry as having the best culture, innovation, and ability to execute in a very complex and regulated environment. In 2016, Able was acquired by Textron Aviation, Inc., a Textron, Inc. company.