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The engine for growth is looking very different these days. New, platform-based business models are driving a price-to-revenue ratio unmatched by traditional business models. Platforms and the business models that drive them enable stakeholders spanning multiple industries to come together and drive new forms of value. These ecosystems provide a window into acquisition, opportunity, as organizations look to adsorb new value propositions. 

As traditional business embrace this ecosystem era, M&A will enable success, placing much greater emphasis and focus on creating value and revenue across the network. 

Join us on May 14th to: 

• Learn how ecosystems are already disrupting traditional value propositions

• Separate fact from fiction about the speed of acceleration and how to prepare

• See how M&A strategy needs to contemplate valuation on non-core platforms

• Gain insights on how advances in technology will fundamentally change integration

In this webinar, you’ll learn how great businesses are reinventing themselves for this new world — and how M&A plays a critical role, helping determine where to find unconventional niches that could become the platform of future business models. You’ll rethink traditional approaches to target screening, due diligence and integration planning, shifting from a thesis of economies of scale to a portfolio of platforms that are not owned or controlled by the acquirer. You’ll emerge better prepared for the challenge of dealmaking in the era of the ecosystem. Please join us. 

M&A in the Ecosystem Era


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Aaron Martinez

Partner, M&A Consulting , Tata Consultancy Services

Aaron Martinez is an M&A business advisor to private equity and corporate clients and specializes in various forms of business combinations including Acquisitions, Carver-Outs, Joint Ventures and Alliances. At TCS, Aaron leads the group’s thinking around strategies to accelerate the growth platform through innovative techniques that focus on unique win strategies. Aaron is investing in the exploration of machine learning and neural networks to the integration process and looking for ways to exploit competitive advantage of a business combination.

Dan Bigman


Chief Content Officer, Chief Executive Group

Simon Torrance

Managing Director, FACTOR10.io

Simon Torrance is a senior adviser to Boards, Leadership Teams and Governments on business model transformation, specializing in platform stragety and digital ventures. He is a member of the World Economic Forum's 'Digital Platforms & Ecosystems' executive working group, author/presenter of the New Growth Playbook (www.newgrowthplaybook.com) and a Managing Director at FACTOR10 (www.factor10.io), a leading corporate venture builder. He is also the producer and host of the world's biggest conference on platforms, the Platform Economy Summit (www.platformeconomysummit.com), run with the support of the World Economic Forum.

Frank Diana

Managing Partner, Futurist, Tata Consultancy Services

At TCS, Frank Diana is focused on thought leadership and advisory services in the context of business, societal, and economic evolution. He blends a futurist perspective with a pragmatic, actionable approach, leveraging future thinking to steer executive strategy and action. His leadership experience obtained through various positions, including Board member, CEO, CPO, CTO and CIO enables effectiveness across business, technology and transformation leadership opportunities